Career Development Coaching

Our coaches utilize customize, one-on-one and small group support to assist individuals in reaching their personal employment goals. The process includes strategies for self-discovery, goals setting, identifying barriers, brainstorming solutions, creating a workplace action plan, resume and cover letter design, effective methods for job searching and interviewing skills, as well as teaching social norms present in the work environment. Coaches utilize role playing, and tailor the learning sessions to ensure that the sessions are not overwhelming to the learner, allowing the learner to build the needed foundational skills.

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Our Other Services


PEERS® Coaching

Our coaches help with the skills necessary to build long-lasting friendships and relationships.


Life Coaching

We work with our clients to establish a life road-map and the skills necessary to live a more satisfying life.

Parent, Families and Individual Coaching

The three most stressful factors cited by parents and caregivers of young adults with ASD and ‘failure to thrive’ are: concern about long-term outcomes for their children, societal acceptance of the condition, and the limited social supports received by parents. Our coaches teach techniques to help overcome the deep feelings and thoughts associated with day to day experiences.