StarPointe Consulting employs professional, personally designed courses to improve your life.

Comprehensive, highly-individualized, and professional coaching, PEERS@ communication training, and life management training for young adults struggling with ‘failure to launch syndrome’, ASD and other learning challenges.

Our coaches focus on inspiring personal growth and development through use of goals based, solution-focused, causal coaching and skills building. All designed to help young adults identify and overcome the specific barriers each individual faces so that they can increase their independence and progress toward reaching their potential. Our coaches have 30+ years of combined experience. They provide a variety of tools, knowledge, and guidance to empower our clients. When this support is matched with their individual commitment, and a desire to learn about themselves, clients see the changes in their lives that they are seeking - opening the door to possibilities that they didn’t even know existed.

Our Service


Parent, Families and Individual Coaching

PEERS® Training

Life Management Skills Coaching

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Career Development Coaching

Our Vision

At StarPointe Consulting we’re passionate about helping young adults remove the barriers to their learning by providing the support and individualized focus they need.

With our clients, we work to apply the important life skills needed to achieve their full potential and develop connections to the community through employment, recreation, relationships, higher education and greater living independence.

StarPointe Consulting's strength is our one-on-one coaching, small group and mentoring sessions, combined with cognitive psychology techniques and strategies. Weaving around individual coaching and small group training is family support and other support structures to effectively transform daily life for our clients. New skills + practice + life experience = learning and growth. 

Megan’s time at StarPointe has been transformational.  They have given her the courage and guidance to look closely at herself and build on her strength’s and to face her challenges.  She is more poised and calm than ever before. Kudos to Pattie, Letty and all.

Al & Berni Hendrickson

StarPointe continuously updates our event calendar so you can find the seminars, ZOOM Webinars and events that are of interest to you. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Advance registration with payment is required in order for your registration to be confirmed. Early registration is highly recommended for these events due to limited seating.

StarPointe reserves the right to cancel if the minimum enrollment is not met by the registration deadline. If you register for a workshop and are a no-show, there are no refunds or credits given to attend another workshop.